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A Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles

This is the Second Edition of A Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles, DCHP-2. It combines the legacy data of the first edition from 1967, DCHP-1, with a systematically re-conceptualized update focusing on 20th- and 21st-century words and meanings, including a revision of select DCHP-1 entries.

As an historical dictionary, this work shows changes in the meanings of words over time, using dated quotations to illustrate these shifts. Thus, DCHP-2 includes words that have become outdated or obsolete and lists for the sake of historical completeness words and meanings that are considered offensive or derogatory today. These words, however, are clearly marked.

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DCHP-2 is available in open access but it is not without copyright. DCHP-2 should be cited as:

Dollinger, Stefan (chief editor) and Margery Fee (associate editor). 2017. DCHP-2: The Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles, Second Edition. With the assistance of Baillie Ford, Alexandra Gaylie and Gabrielle Lim. Vancouver, BC: University of British Columbia, www.dchp.ca/dchp2.

The project was carried out by the Canadian English Lab at The University of British Columbia under the leadership of Stefan Dollinger (editor-in-chief, UBC and Göteborgs Universitet) with associate editor Margery Fee (UBC). For a complete list of the team members, see the  Project Team.

Copyright notice
DCHP-2 is an updated edition of DCHP‐1 Online (Dollinger, Brinton and Fee 2013), which was the first digital version of A Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles (1967 and 1991 editions, ISBN 0-7715-1976-1), edited by Avis, Walter S. (ed.-in-chief), C. Crate, P. Drysdale, D. Leechman, M.H. Scargill and C.J. Lovell, published by Gage Educational Publishing Company, a division of Canada Publishing Corporation (DCHP-1). The copyright notice of DCHP-1 can be found here. DCHP-1 was licensed to The University of British Columbia (UBC) by Nelson Education Ltd. (Nelson), the copyright owner of DCHP-1. Please see http://www.nelson.com/ for more information about Nelson. The license from Nelson allows UBC to make DCHP-2 available free of charge, as a public digital resource on the internet. However, such license does not include the reproduction, modification, editing, translation, adaptation or distribution of, or creation of derivative works based on DCHP-2 content (or parts thereof) by any person or entity. Such use of DCHP-2 content is subject to applicable copyright laws and requires express consent from the editor-in-chief (for new DCHP-2 content, i.e. entries in white and red background colours), Nelson and/or UBC (for legacy content, i.e. yellow-coloured entries).

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